Amazing Web Designs

What makes an amazing web design? An expensive web designer?
Not necessarily.

An amazing web design consists of not only the looks and site responsiveness but also the content and in which it is structured. The way people search for products and services is constantly changing. Mobile phones offer a voice search option that allows more consumers to personalize the way they search.

A FAQ page on your website is a good place to do a question and answer session on information pertaining to your industry that individuals may be searching for. For instance, if you are the owner of a plumbing company you would want to answer basic questions as in – How do I find my shut off valve? to help drive traffic to your website. If the consumer needs to hire a professional – you are already in front of them!

There are many ways to make your website a useful location beyond allowing consumers to find your NAP (name, address, phone number). If you are a contractor, this is a good place to display your work. Restaurants can share special offers, menus, places to connect with their customers and more.

Make sure that when you search for a web designer that you are ensured of original content creation. There are many big corporate marketing companies that will copy cat sites – just use the same site but plug in new info using the basics over and over again.

At Learn Grow Shine, our amazing web designs are all personalized no matter how many are made per industry – all of our sites are guaranteed to be unique. The best part of our design service is that once the design is in place we will teach you how to update the content for self management. Site management services are available with short term and long term contract options.

Visit our Design Gallery and click the links to learn more about our clients and how they chose to brand themselves with designs by Learn Grow Shine.


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