Inbound Marketing refers to the marketing activities that bring visitors in.

A lot of times we think of marketing as the sign on your building, pens we pass out, the mailers you send out or the ads you post in a newspaper (if you still do that kinda thing). Those are types of Outbound Marketing – passing your information out. Inbound Marketing allows people to find you by being present online with your information, links, and social reach.

Learn. Grow. Shine. Inbound Marketing was created with a mission to help Business Owners learn more about the programs available online (SMM, SEM, SEO, Web Design) and implement them into their current marketing plan to allow their business to grow and shine in an Internet Marketing world.

Millennials, Gen X’ers, Baby Boomers… they all use their cell phones as phone books. That is just a fact. It’s 2017 and technology is reaching level after new level of breakthroughs. You need to be able to be found online! Take a minute and do a quick search on your phone.

DON’T SEARCH FOR YOUR NAME! Search for your area and products/services that you offer.

Do you see your company? Do you see your website? Social Media sites? What information do you see? Don’t see any of your business information?

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Inbound Marketing earns the customers attention, makes the company easy to be found online, and draws customers to the website by producing interesting and relevant content. Our Goal at LGS  is to help business owners learn how to use the tools available online.This will allow you to grow your business at a minimum cost while creating brand awareness and personalizing the business from the inside.

We offer a variety of Social Media Marketing Programs. Social Media has allowed businesses to take further control of their Brand and marketing. Our Social Media Marketing options vary from beginner accounts that start with account creation to monthly management of such sites as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Blog, for established accounts. We also offer training for in house management to reduce the cost of outsourcing your Inbound Marketing.

Our Search Engine Marketing  Programs allow you to own your listings while controlling the content you share online about your business. Think of it as claiming online real estate property for your business. Learn. Grow. Shine. Inbound Marketing will submit your business Name, Address, Phone Number, Web Site Link, and much more of your business information distributed amongst the highest ranking SEM sites available.

Websites are a must for any successful business and is a centerpiece of your marketing plan. We offer professional, personalized  websites designed specifically for your service, niche, or product.

SEO is a complete product of your online presence. By incorporating your website, Search Engine Marketing Program, and Social Media Sites you are fully optimizing the Search Engines with your businesses information and creating Brand Awareness for your business.

We are STRICTLY an Inbound Marketing company although we do partner with local businesses for other marketing services and products. Email info@learngrowshine.org for more information.

You can find a list of our Marketing Partners here.