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When someone wants to know something what do they do? They “Google it.”
If you want to find a local place that offers live music, you do a search.
The water pipes in your house burst and you need a plumber so you grab your phone to find someone. But how do businesses get online?

Have you heard of Google Maps? Bing Places? Apple Maps?
There are so many places to share your name, address, phone number, website link, service info, and all the details about your business that will attract customers.

Why do you need to utilize Search Engine Marketing? You want to tell people about your business and bring more visitors to your website, right? Then this marketing program is what you need! Search Engine Marketing is a vital part of Search Engine SEO. To be competitive in search engine results you have to get your business in as many places online as possible. There is no better advertiser than a search engine’s result page.

Do you have a website but don’t get any calls or emails in on your contact form? There is a reason for that. Let us help you to figure it out.

Learn. Grow. Shine. Inbound Marketing offers a Search Engine Marketing Program that will get your business information listed on over 35+ Business Directory Listing Sites. Our Sites Include the top Search Engines including Google, Bing, Yahoo, Apple (Siri, Voice Search) as well as many additional sites.

Our programs are uniquely set up to allow you to own all of your online listings once established.

Many companies will only allow you to access the listings as you pay monthly – we do not operate in that manner. What’s yours is yours.

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