Learn Grow Shine provides SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services for businesses in Newnan, GA. with offices located in Atlanta, GA and Milwaukee, WI. SEO stands for search engine optimization and it defines the process of helping your local businesses website become more visible to search engines. By incorporating SEO in your business marketing plan you can and will rank higher among the higher up on the search engine result pages.

The higher up on the SERPs (search engine result pages) your website is listed, the more likely your potential customers will choose to click on your website to view your information. SERPs by definition is a search-engine results page. That is a Web page that is generated by a search engine to display the results of a query or search.

A website can look amazing, but will not do you any good if no one can find it!

SEO can help your website rank higher in organic search results. This makes your website more visible to people who are looking for your products or services. No matter what people tell you, you will dominate online locally first. Our main goal at Learn Grow Shine Inbound Marketing is to get your website to appear on the very first page of results in a search engine when a particular keyword term is typed in.

SEO is quite simply feeding the search engines food. The information you give the search engines is how you feed them. The food is your information; name, address, phone number, web address, social media links, etc.

Our SEO Program is purely organic. By combining a beautifully and smartly built web design, claiming your online directory listings, and incorporating social media into your Inbound Marketing Department, you will bring customers to you. It’s easier and more affordable than you realize.

*There are two versions of Search Engine Optimization. The first, White hat, is also known as organic. This includes SEO strategies that follow protocol, rules, and policies on search engines. It uses the proper techniques of back linking, link building and internal links. This is considered a long term investment due to the time it takes to sew your business information organically. Black Hat SEO is completely opposite of white hat. It is the use of unethical techniques and tactics (trying to cheat the system). These practices are used for a quick return on your investment and if caught you can get banned. Black hat does not follow guidelines and usually uses hidden and invisible doorways, invisible text, and key word stuffing. Don’t hire anyone using these methods.