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you are what you post
your personal brand matters

Social Networks are a great way to stay connected with others, but you should always be wary of how much personal information you post. Social Media is not only a hobby I enjoy as a place to connect, but also a piece of my career. Safety is a major concern for me as a parent as well as someone who manages company Social Media Accounts.


Facebook updates on family members, googling random information, searching how-to videos on YouTube, creating fantasy Pinterest boards, and using other social networks have become an integral part of our everyday lives. You are in control of the information available online about you. Own your online presence.

  • Once posted, Always posted
  • Online Reputations should be a good thing
  • Keep personal information personal.
  • Know and MANAGE your friends
  • Be honest if you are uncomfortable
  • Public means public.
  • Security settings are there for a reason.
  • Set up strong passwords that are not your kids or pets names.
  • Keep all of your kids’ passwords written down and if they change them, make them update you.

Grow your personal brand with these free social media sites.
Create a profile and begin to connect.
You can always, always start from scratch.

  • Facebook: Build your own online community of friends, family, schoolmates, and co-workers (if you choose)
  • Twitter: Create a “following” of friends, fans, contacts and “follow” friends, and find topics that you have interests in to follow brand accounts
  • Pinterest: Create and Share Boards; These Boards contain ideas, recipes, instructions or links for hobby and professional use
  • Google Business: Google Business Listings that accompany your Gmail account and allows you to leave personalized business reviews.
  • LinkedIn: A place for you to create a Professional Profile page and network with other professionals.