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Let’s Talk learn grow shine
Learn Grow Shine is a marketing company in Coweta County that has helped build and grow businesses online locally and across the US for over a decade.
The main focus at Learn Grow Shine Branding and Marketing is to grow your business while working hard to grow your brand.

We are so proud of all of our clients and referral partners.

Learn Grow Shine Branding and Marketing is located in the beautiful city limits of Grantville, Georgia.

My goal is to help you learn marketing and learn how to manage your brand from the inside of your business.

Currently offering onsite businesses training programs across the U.S.

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Learn Grow Shine originated in 2014 to help business owners learn how to manage and personalize their business. I help you do this from the inside, incorporating the different opportunities that Inbound Marketing has to offer. I will not let you feel overwhelmed or alone through the process of setting up your inbound marketing programs. I will provide your business with training on the management of search engine marketing listings and social media marketing programs once implemented. Learn Grow Shine can get you started with your journey into the world of Internet Marketing in a way that is easy to incorporate and even easier to manage. Find out where the opportunities are and how you can be competitive now.

By utilizing Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, and Website Design, we are able to incorporate SEO and an authentic Inbound Marketing strategy for your business.
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Janet Starks
Owner, Designer, Senior Trainer

Let me make all this simple for you.

SEO is your social media sites, your online listings, and your web design all packaged into one cute acronym. SEO.

Giving the search engines information about you and what you do that is unique from anyone else and what people are searching for is going to make you relevant.

Being consistent with your posting and updating your content as well as getting reviews, will make you shine online!

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We believe THEE BEST results come from sharing talents.

We want to help everyone.
We want to see young people grow, we want to see twenty and thirty somethings set up a plan and achieve goals, we want to see the forty and fifty somethings celebrate overcoming adversity and we want YOU to help US make the world a better place.