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Learn how search engines search

Say you have a business, and you want it to be competitive online, just say. You need to understand how search engines work. What do they do? They search. What do they search? Every single website, every article, every piece of textual information available as well as captions of images. What can they not see? Pictures. But they will read the information you feed them about the image to send it out to people who are looking for that image content. Are you following me?

Search Engine Optimization is optimizing or giving information to the search engines about you and your business so the right people can find you and your services.

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Research Online Before Purchasing
Follow Through With Purchase

To stay in the competitive race, you MUST look for new, cost-effective ways of growing profit. Online marketing offers a wealth of marketing opportunities for virtually every business, and one of the most valuable is SEO aka search engine optimization.

If understood and implemented correctly, SEO will give you a credible reputation and long-term high rankings on Google’s search engine. This will result in more valuable leads seeing you, clicking on your website and spending money with you.

  • Most buyers turn to search engines.
  • Direct communication opportunities
  • Search Engine Optimization is low cost.
  • It is a long-term investment. Patience is required and rewarded.
  • People trust Google.
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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Organic SEO Placement

What is Search Engine Optimization?
Search Engine Optimization by my definition, is utilizing the venues available online to register your business information to increase your page ranking on mobile and desktop search engines.

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What percentage of all search traffic does Google get?
Consumers who research before buying