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Options with Social Media Marketing are endless

Below are a few tips from me to you.

I will put the most important two right here.💝

#1 Consistently post images of your office, your staff, job sites, and any other cool images you take. People love to see the inner workings of the businesses they use. It makes you more personable and creates brand awareness.

#2. Do searches on events, updates to regulations, environmentally friendly products, news, website links to articles…. ALL are excellent content creation ideas.

Social Media Engagement Tips

Do you go blank when you think of social media? Are you not sure what to post? Could you use some creative ideas?

Here are  a few tips that will help your engagement.

  • Ask Questions! Asking questions can increase your SM interaction by up to 20%
  • DO ask open ended questions.
  • DO ask questions about your industry or niche.
  • DON’T ask “yes or no” questions.
  • DON’T make every question about your business or brand.
  • Use Social Media for Customer Support

It’s NEVER a bad idea to set up a contest or giveaway using your social media.

  • Set up your offer – Ask fans to share or write on your wall as to why they should win!
  • The Promotion – talk about it on social media, on service calls, when customers call in – send them to your Facebook page to LIKE and “enter”.
  • The Results – contest can boost a fan base from 100-over 400 from one contest! This also is a great opportunity to collect email addresses and increase engagement to your Facebook Business page!!